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If you own or manage commercial property, you have a duty of care towards any tenants, workers, or other building occupants. You may also be responsible for ensuring the security of the building itself and its assets, protecting them against thieves, It’s also likely that you will have to worry about the security arrangements for the building.

Here at Automatic Alarms Ltd, we provide security solutions for building and office owners across Greater Manchester and the broader North West area. Each of our security packages is tailored to meet the specific needs of your property.

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What Automatic Alarms Ltd Can Do For You

As one of the North West’s leading building and office security providers, we have much to offer our clients in the Greater Manchester area and beyond. Here is just a few of our more popular services…

CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) works as both a deterrent and a method of investigation. We design, install and maintain systems for our clients across the Greater Manchester area. We begin with a full CCTV audit and risk assessment, followed up by a bespoke system design that maximises coverage and eliminates blind spots. We use state-of-the-art cameras and sensors, sending a live video feed to our remote monitoring unit, 24 hours a day.

Fire Alarms and Extinguishers

Fire safety is a key responsibility for any building or office owner. We install efficient fire alarm systems that are connected to your local fire brigade and will alert them in the event of a fire. We have fully-trained and experienced fire marshals who can install fire extinguishers and fire blankets and help train your staff in their use.

Intruder Alarms

One of the first things we think of when it comes to security is an intruder alarm. Our security professionals can install a state-of-the-art system at your commercial premises, one designed to offer full protection. These systems are linked to our 24/7 monitoring unit, meaning we can alert the relevant authority – be that the police or a local keyholder – in the event of an alarm being triggered.

Gates and Physical Security

While alarms and video footage are all well and good for identifying and deterring intruders, it’s even more effective to stop them from entering in the first place. We can install secure gates and barriers to your property, including access panels that require a pass or key-code to enter. If your building is to be left vacant, we can also fit steel shutters to the doors and windows for added peace of mind.

Emergency Lighting

During a fire, electrical fault, power cut, or other emergency, the main power supply to your building may be severed, which includes your lights. An emergency lighting system installed by Automatic Alarms uses a central battery system, completely independent of the main grid. This provides sufficient light to evacuate the build in the event of an emergency.

Dry Risers and Sprinklers

Dry risers form a network of empty pipes around your building that can be hooked up to a fire hose in the event of a fire. Water can be quickly spread throughout the building via this pipe network and strategically placed sprinklers. We install these systems to maximise coverage and reduce the risk to firemen should a fire break out in your property.

Common Building and Office Security Problems

With our years of experience in the field of office and building security, Automatic Alarms understands the concerns of our clients in this sector. These are some of the more common security issues and how we can help you resolve them.


Burglary is a major concern for commercial property owners. We can help protect your building by installing security alarms that will not only deter potential burglars, but also alert our team and the relevant authorities in the event of a break-in. We also install, and maintain CCTV systems. These are designed from the ground up, following a detailed CCTV audit, and monitored round-the-clock by our remote surveillance unit.

CCTV surveillance is also an effective tool for combating incidents of vandalism to your property. Unlike burglars and other intruders, vandals rarely trigger a building’s security alarm, unless they intentionally break the doors or windows. With our CCTV systems being monitored 24/7, we can catch vandals in the act and will have a clear, visual record of them to follow up with the police.

The physical safety of your staff and tenants relies on you following all relevant fire and building regulations. We can provide you with the necessary advice and training, keeping you abreast of all the latest developments and changes to legislation. Fully accredited by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) our experienced fire marshals can perform a full fire safety audit for you and make professional recommendations on how best to protect your staff.

Knowing your responsibilities as the owner of a building is key to making sure your property and staff are fully-protected. At Automatic Alarms, we can provide you and your security team with advice and training on every aspect of keeping your building secure. We are fully accredited with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and bring decades of combined experience with us to every job.

Whether your building is normally open to the public or not, there are times when you want to prevent access to your property. We can install and maintain a wide variety of access systems that require the right sort of pass – be it a code, fob, or fingerprint – to operate. These can be incorporated into exterior and interior doors, as well as external gates and barriers.

Even with a quality alarm system from Automatic Alarms, if a burglar knows their way around your building, they can be in and out before we can alert the relevant authorities. Fortunately, with our high-resolution CCTV cameras in place, we are able to track their movements as they enter and leave the grounds and get crisp, clear video footage of them to assist the police in their enquiries.

Every commercial building requires a clear and concise set of evacuation procedures for staff, residents, or visitors. As the owner, it is your responsibility to cascade these procedures to your property’s tenants. At Automatic Alarms Ltd, our experienced fire marshals can put together a safe and simple evacuation process to be used in the event of a fire, bomb threat, or other major incident. This includes fitting the appropriate signage and emergency lighting, a fully-documented process, and both training and drills for all on-site staff.

Your Local Building and Office Security Specialists

Operating out of our offices in Bolton, we provide essential building and office security services to clients across Greater Manchester and the North West region. We have our own team of highly-trained and fully-licensed security professionals, whom you can trust to deliver exceptional results every time. As a local company, we know the area and its people well, guaranteeing a high level of service for every client.

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