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If you are the owner or operator of a care home – including nursing homes, sheltered accommodation, other residential homes, and support-living complexes – you are responsible for the safety and security of your staff, residents, and tenants. It is important that your security measures and your fire safety procedures are of a suitably high standard to comply with current UK legislation.

Here at Automatic Alarms, we work closely with care homes across Greater Manchester and the North West. Our team of experienced and licensed security experts work with you to design and install a security system that meets all of your establishment’s particular specifications.

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What Automatic Alarms Ltd Can Do For You

As one of the North West’s leading care home security providers, we have much to offer our clients in the Greater Manchester area and beyond. Here is just a few of our more popular services…

Warden Call Systems

Warden call systems are an essential addition to any care home environment, allowing wardens and staff to respond quickly to any issues involving their residents. We work closely with our clients, expertly fitting a warden call system that complies with all Local Authority requirements. This ensures all residents can maintain their independent (or semi-independent) lifestyle, whilst knowing help and support is only a button-push away.

Fire Compliance

It is important that your care home or assisted living facility complies with current Fire Safety legislation. Our team of experienced fire marshals can design, install, and maintain an effective fire safety system for you and your residents. This includes fire alarms and equipment, as well as providing evacuation routes for your less mobile residents. We can also train your staff to act as fire wardens, instructing them in proper fire safety equipment use.

Gates and Physical Security

Residents in care homes and supported-living communities are often among society’s most vulnerable. With many spending most of their time indoors, even intruder alarms are not the most effective security solution. A better bet is strong and robust security gates, barriers, and other forms of physical security. Not only are these a deterrent for would-be intruders, they also offer your residents added peace of mind.

Access Control

Depending on the layout of your care home, some areas are accessible to all, while others are restricted to staff or certain residents in the property. To prevent unwanted access – whether accidental or otherwise – you can add control panels to interior and exterior doors alike. There are several methods of operating these devices, including radio-frequency key fobs, fingerprint scanners, pass cards, and more.

Common Building and Office Security Problems

With our years of experience in the field of office and building security, Automatic Alarms understands the concerns of our clients in this sector. These are some of the more common security issues and how we can help you resolve them.


The warden, nurse, or carer call systems installed in care homes and similar environments, are a lifeline for your residents. It is, therefore, essential that these systems are working to their full potential at all times. Here at Automatic Alarms, not only do we install such systems, but we also perform scheduled testing and maintenance, including serving, repairs, and replacements.

Any form of care home or assisted living complex must comply with Building and Fire Safety Regulations. Some of these are laid down at a national level under primary legislation, whilst others are instigated by your local authority. At Automatic Alarms, we help you keep on the right side of those regulations by offering a regular maintenance package for all your fire safety provisions. This includes testing and servicing your alarms, as well as essential fire safety equipment.

In certain care home environments, security is a two-way street. As well as keeping unwanted visitors out, you also need to keep some residents in, for their own safety. We can provide you with a range of physical security and monitoring solutions to ensure everyone in your home is kept safe. These include security gates and barriers and access-controlled doors, as well as 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure you can find anybody’s whereabouts.

If a resident has a fall, or leaves the complex when they are not supposed to, you may be held liable for any injuries. We can help you get around that risk by fitting CCTV cameras in sensitive areas, where such incidents are likely to take place. Our high-resolution equipment produces a crystal clear video feed that you can use as evidence.

Some residents may have certain conditions that require careful monitoring. This is particularly true of conditions that are known to get worse as they progress, and which can adversely affect a resident’s physical or mental well-being. Few care homes have the staff to monitor resident behaviour round the clock, but we can. With our state-of-the-art CCTV systems, you can keep careful watch on your residents, whenever you need to.

It is not unusual for care home staff to operate a skeleton crew, particularly during the night-time hours. In such situations, it is important that they and your residents are safeguarded against acts of violence, whether they come from outside or inside the care home. Again, our CCTV systems can provide crucial evidence in the event of any investigation, but we also offer more proactive solutions. These include lone worker alarms, where a member of the staff can call for immediate assistance at the touch of a button.

Working with the elderly, infirm, or otherwise vulnerable individuals in your care home, it is important that you only employ staff and contractors that have been fully-checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We confirm that all our crew have undergone such tests and we are happy to provide you with a copy of their certification, upon request.

Your Local Care Home Security Specialists

We are based in Bolton, but operate across the Greater Manchester and North West region. In the years we have been in business, we have put together our own team of trained security specialists, each one bringing significant experience to the role. We recruit our staff from the local area, which ensures they know and understand the people and places they cover.

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