Wireless Alarm System for £550

Posted on 27th July 2017

Automatic Alarms Offer: Wireless Alarm System for £550

As a celebration of the new updated website, we are offering for a limited time only, a fully installed wireless Intruder Alarm System to protect your home. The system utilises the latest wire-free technology to protect you and your property from would be

Wireless security systems protect your home with award-winning two-way technology and a range of peripherals to suit any situation, while removing the hassle and disruption of running wires and cabling.

Battery monitoring/saving: Each wireless device is monitored and informs you of when to replace the battery before its life
expires. Furthermore, each device conserves battery power by “sleeping” during periods when detection is not needed.

Methods of setting/un-setting: There are three different types of setting/un-setting methods: by entering a pin code on the keypad, presenting a proximity tag at a keypad or proximity reader, or by pressing a key-fob. For a small monthly fee, we can even offer a mobile phone application to monitor and control your system.

User friendly programming: Whether you need to change codes, add tags, add key-fobs, check the logs, change time/date or walk test your system, each function can be easily located and programmed from the user-friendly menu.

Intelligent arming: The control panel recognises ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes and will set the system accordingly. For example, if you were to set the alarm while in the house (home) and then walk out of the exit door, the system will register the action and automatically set the system to ‘away’.

With no need for wiring System installation is neat and tidy.

We create a bespoke system to suit your needs and provide the best protection for you and your property.

What's included?

  • Intelligent Control panel LCD display and integral Keypad

  • 1 Wire-free door contact

  • 2 Wire-free PIR detectors

  • 1 Wire-free External sounder/strobe

  • 2 Wire-free Remote Key-fobs

  • Professional Installation

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